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Shinri Sports Massage

Shinri Sports Massage offer specialist deep tissue massage therapy for athletes of all levels and those with work related aches and pains.

Sports massage is used to help keep athletes performing at their best by promoting blood flow and improving recovery time between training sessions or events. It can also help with injury recovery by breaking down scar tissue and stretching areas of soft tissue in a way that may not be possible with regular exercise.

All massage treatments are performed by Gareth Richards, a Level 1 trained (currently training towards level 3 with Sports Therapy UK) sports massage practitioner, professional karate instructor and keen competitor in track cycling events either from his home in Lidlington, Beds or at various venues in the Milton Keynes area. He also works closely with Phil Culley at Shinri Personal Training to provide a complete injury rehabilitation and fitness service.

Because of Gareth's sporting background he specialises in treatment of martial artists and cyclists but does offer treatment suitable for all athletes as well as other aches and pains such as bad backs, neck pain and sciatica.

Treatments are charged at £25 for 30 minute sessions or £30 for 1 hour sessions. Please call 07734 227705 or email to book an appointment.